Internships are a vital part of any students learning experience, they help us to increase our practical knowledge by allowing us to apply our knowledge and skills in the real world and solve problems. Interns are able to hone their technical as well as professional skills as they have to…

A web application that serves the purpose of an E-commerce platform but strictly pertains to only local businesses.

Indian local shops and businesses were facing a lot of competition from big brands, E-commerce websites and MNCs even before the pandemic struck the world, and ever since the start of the…

Through this article I will try to show how can various classification algorithms be used to predict the possible poker-hand(s).

What is a “Poker-Hand” ?

In poker, players structure sets of five cards, called hands, as per the principles of the game. Each hand has a position, which is looked at against the positions of different hands taking an interest in the standoff to choose who wins the pot.

Aditya Bhardwaj

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